Who is Fern?

Fern the stuffed fox hanging from a light fixture

As owners of the Freckled Fox, we’re often asked, “Who is Fern?”

Fern is our mascot named for Kitty’s Great Aunt Fern who, in the early 1900s, owned and operated a coffee and tea shop. Fern was a fun-loving, sassy redhead who always welcomed her friends and family with open arms and a big hug. As a child, Kitty spent many fun-filled summers at Aunt Fern’s, experiencing the love and art of cooking and baking.

Aunt Fern’s Famous 100-year-old Carrot Cake Recipe has become a true customer favorite. It’s a special 3 layered cake filled with shredded carrots, pineapple, coconut, pecans, and raisins covered in cream cheese frosting topped with freshly toasted coconut.

“I love this place!! The food is amazing. I’m obsessed with the carrot cake which is apparently the owner’s great aunt’s 100-year-old recipe, so moist and delicious”    -Julie Lieberman, Facebook Review

“Try the carrot cake, it’s real carrot cake like grandma would make”     -Seth L., Yelp Review

Our Freckled Fox Fern is a soft woolen creature handmade by a local artist from Northampton named Suna Turgay. Our mascot Fern lives in the café, spending her time playing hide and seek with our guests. The next time you’re in the café be sure to look around carefully to find her newest hiding spot. We never know where she will turn up.

“I love searching for the little-felted wool Fern the Fox, who moves around the café to different locations every day! It’s like a game of “Where’s Fern?” every day!”     – Strong & Healthy Smiles by Dr. Sue Keller, Florence, MA, Facebook Review

You can find Fern on our retail T-shirts and Mugs and, for our creative customers, Fern also appears in our children’s area on free coloring pages in our children’s play space.