How We Got Our Name

Shortly before we opened the Cafe we adopted a rescue puppy, she is one of our two dogs that is a short hair fox terrier mix.

She is sweet, oh so cute and very clever.  Most days her personality portrays a #fox more than a domesticated dog.  She has such a fun loving and fancy-free attitude that makes everyone smile.

When she was a puppy her fur was changing colors almost daily.  The patterns on her nose, head, chest, and back made her look freckled, so we started calling her a “Freckled Fox”.

While we were deciding on a name for our Florence cafe we were visited by friends and family. When they heard us calling her a “Freckled Fox” they giggled and laughed, saying that was so cute. The kids especially loved the name.

We hope that all of our customers will also agree that, in the spirit of our fox terrier, the Freckled Fox is a fun, inviting, and welcoming place to come to enjoy great food, coffee, tea, baked goodies and meet up with family and friends.