Cup of Kindness

Cappuccino with a floral design in the froth

To help feed our underserved local community the Freckled Fox Café promotes a “Cup of Kindness Program”. For every “Cup of Kindness” beverage or meal purchased by our customers, we will match our customer’s purchase by providing someone in need with a beverage or sandwich to help our community feel comfortable and well fed.

As owner and operator of the Freckled Fox, my personal experiences, and love of food began at an early age, growing up in a large family. Being the youngest of nine children born within ten years, I realized early on the importance of having nutritious food on the table, and what it means to enjoy a meal surrounded by the ones who love and support you.

My mom would always say, “There’s always room at the table for new friends”. I remember many meals crowding around a full table. Often, my tablemates were siblings. Other times, it was young neighbors, local teens, and family friends who needed a warm meal and a comfortable place for the night. As small and overcrowded the house felt at times, my parents always found room to make our guests feel comfortable and well fed.