Tom and Kitty with the crew

It’s our mission at Freckled Fox Café to provide an inviting, family-friendly coffee/tea house that is inclusive to all walks of life, offering fresh, nutritious, delicious creative fare while supporting local farms and other local food providers, served with a smile by a bright and cheery staff.

The Freckled Fox grew out of the desire of the owners, Kitty and Tom Johndrow, to move back to New England to be closer to friends and family after a 6-year stint in St. Louis, Missouri. With our adult children out of the house, Tom’s 25 years of business experience and Kathryn’s love of cooking and desire to feed everyone she meets, opening a restaurant was the next logical chapter in our lives. The Freckled Fox fits our desire to operate a successful business with room to grow, so we can be anchored to the local community and not have to move again for the corporate world.