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1% Milk (12 Oz.)$2.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Americano$2.15 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Apple Juice (10 Oz.)$2.25 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Baby Bear

Almond butter, organic strawberry jam on sourdough (Half sandwich).

$4.50 Choose Optionskids-den
Birds Nest

Vegan. A savory bowl of udon noodles in signature sesame sauce, topped with shredded carrots, cucumber.

$4.65 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soupsgluten-free vegan
Boars Head Dill Pickle$1.50 Choose Optionssides
Bottled Water$1.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Café Au Lait$2.65 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Café Mocha$4.50 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Cappuccino$3.50 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Chai Latte$4.60 Choose Optionstea
Chip Bag$1.25 Choose Optionssides
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.90 Choose Optionsdesserts
Chocolate Milk (12 Oz.)$2.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Coke Can$1.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Cole Slaw$3.25 Choose Optionssides
Cortado$3.50 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Dandy Mandy

Sliced apples, Cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, maple mustard on sourdough bread.

$8.85 Choose Optionspanini-selections
Diet Coke Can$1.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks

Vegan. Fresh Mozzarella, tomato, pesto on a baguette.

$8.85 Choose Optionspanini-selectionsvegan
Don't Go Bacon My Heart

Four slices of crisp applewood smoked bacon, tomato, greens, mayo, on toasted marbled rye.

$8.75 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
Espresso$2.10 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Fern's Favorite

Specially roasted chicken salad, dried cranberries, fresh apples, mayo on a butter croissant.

$9.25 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
Flying Fish

Tuna made with celery, mayo, spicy mustard, onion powder with greens and tomato on sourdough.

$9.00 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
Freshly Baked Tandem Bagel

Everything, plain, sesame, poppy, and multigrain.

$1.75 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Ginger Ale Can$1.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks

Boars head oven roasted turkey breast, bread stuffing, fresh whole cranberry -orange sauce with mayo on wheat sourdough.

$9.25 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
Good Day Breakfast Sandwich

Two scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel with Cheddar cheese and bacon.

$6.45 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Happy Family

Gluten-free, vegan. Fresh hummus, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, shredded carrots, greens on a tortilla wrap.

$9.25 Choose Optionssandwich-selectionsgluten-free vegan
Happy Go Lucky Breakfast Burrito

Two scrambled eggs, Cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, mashed avocado, on a tortilla wrap.

$6.20 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Home Fries

Delicious seasoned roasted potatoes with red bell peppers and onions.

$3.85 Choose Optionsbreakfast-sides
Hot Chocolate

Made with our homemade chocolate sauce

$2.70 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Hot or Iced Coffee$2.10 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Hot Tea Latte$2.75 Choose Optionstea
House Salad

crisp greens, carrots, cucumbers, and tomato

$4.75 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soupsgluten-free vegan vegetarian
Juice Box$1.10 Choose Optionsother-drinks

In stock flavor

$4.40 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Leader of the Pack

Boars head oven roasted turkey, Cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, spinach, spicy mustard on wheat sourdough.

$9.75 Choose Optionspanini-selections
Little Vixen

Kids size version of our homemade mac and cheese.

$4.25 Choose Optionskids-den
Loose Leaf Tea$1.99 Choose Optionstea
Lox of Love

Smoked salmon with Cream cheese, tomato, mesclun greens, red onion, capers on a toasted bagel.

$13.00 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Lucy Lu

Whole apple sliced, Cheddar and Provolone cheeses.

$6.00 Choose Optionskids-den
M&M Cookie


$1.90 Choose Optionsdessertsvegan
Macchiato$2.30 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Maple Latte$4.65 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Mud Puddle

Chocolate chip cookie cup with Chocolate Ganache in the middle.

$3.50 Choose Optionsdesserts
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip$1.90 Choose Optionsdesserts
Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie$1.90 Choose Optionsdesserts
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.90 Choose Optionsdesserts
Orange Juice (10 Oz.)$2.35 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Made with our homemade chocolate sauce

$3.35 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Polar Mythical Seltzer$1.10 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Polar Seltzer Can$1.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Popcorn Bag$1.45 Choose Optionssides
Quiche Lorraine

Freshly baked quiche with ham and Swiss.

$5.75 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Rainbow Quiche

A wonderfully colorful vegetable and cheese quiche.

$5.75 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Rainbow Salad

Gluten-free, vegan. Fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, mashed avocado (veggies may vary).

$9.25 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soupsgluten-free vegan
Roasted Beet Salad

Gluten-free. Baby spinach, house roasted beets, roasted red peppers, honey glazed walnuts, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

$9.95 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soups
Rollie's Rubin

Boars head oven roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing on marble rye.

$9.75 Choose Optionspanini-selections
Salted Caramel Latte$4.60 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Salted Caramel Mocha Latte$4.60 Choose Optionscoffee-espresso
Secret Recipe Belgian Waffle

Confectioners sugar, sweet butter, and syrup.

$9.00 Choose Optionsbreakfast
Silver Fox

Boars head Italian roast beef, Swiss cheese, Provolone cheese, spinach, horseradish on sourdough.

$9.75 Choose Optionspanini-selections
Sizzling Fish

Tuna salad, Cheddar cheese, tomato, greens, on sourdough.

$9.25 Choose Optionspanini-selections
Slice of Carrot Cake

Try our famous carrot cake, best around and a great way to end your meal.

$4.75 Choose Optionsdesserts
Sly Fox

Vegan. Mashed avocado, greens, dried cranberries, vegan style Cheddar cheese, balsamic vinaigrette dressing on a fresh baked baguette.

$9.25 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
Soup of the Day

Ask your server.

$4.25 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soups
Spicy Hot Chocolate$3.35 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Sprite Can$1.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Strawberry Milk (12 Oz.)$2.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks
Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles$1.90 Choose Optionsdesserts
Sweet Cheeks

Vegan. Apples, goat cheese, Provolone cheese, honey on artisan sourdough.

$8.85 Choose Optionspanini-selectionsvegan
Sweet Slice of Life

Boars head sweet slice ham, Cheddar cheese, apple, greens, mayo on wheat sourdough.

$9.25 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
The Nibbler

Gluten-free, vegan. Fresh hummus, carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, and GF crackers.

$8.85 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soupsgluten-free vegan
Tickled Todd

Grilled cheese (half adult sandwich).

$3.50 Choose Optionskids-den

The ultimate grown-up grilled cheese, Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss on sourdough.

$7.25 Choose Optionspanini-selectionsvegan
Troubled Fox

Boars head Italian roast beef, Provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, red onion, greens, horseradish sauce, on marble rye.

$9.75 Choose Optionssandwich-selections
Twisted Chick

Our own roasted curry chicken salad, sliced almonds, greens, red onion, mango chutney on sourdough.

$9.75 Choose Optionssandwich-selections

Homemade mac and cheese, ricotta, Cabot Cheddar, and Jack cheeses with cracker crumble top.

$4.65 Choose Optionssalads-plates-and-soups
Waffle Tots

Tater tots pressed into a crispy waffle

$3.00 Choose Optionsbreakfast-sides
Whole Milk (12 Oz.)$2.75 Choose Optionsother-drinks