Fern’s Play Space

Read - Play - Nourish - Grow - Connect

Kids playing at Fern's Play Space

So what makes Freckled Fox Cafe stand out from the crowd?  We offer a safe play space which is geared for kids 0-7 where they can read, play, eat nourishing foods (and some sweets) while growing and connecting with other children and their parents/grandparents.

We are a breastfeeding friendly establishment and support/encourage women who are breastfeeding their children.

Parents/Grandparents can meet friends and family at our community table or just connect with other parents/grandparents and families.

Fern the stuffed fox hanging from a light fixture

Children can look for our mascot “Fern” who lives in the Cafe and moves around from time to time.  Come in and see if you can find her!